MAKENOTES is a Portuguese brand focused on creating objects that identify with contemporary nomadic lifestyles and is an extension of the personality of its clients. The brand focuses on three major missions: being eco-friendly, producing locally, and engaging the public in the creative process. In addition, MAKENOTES seeks to embrace causes of social responsibility, creating solidary collections and donating its products to institutions.
Sustainability and environmental responsibility are MAKENOTES' priorities.
All brand products are created with these principles in mind! The leather goods are produced with synthetic leather, with no animal origin, free of phthalates and toxic chemicals and printed with eco inks. Stationery products are produced with two types of paper: recycled paper, made from fibers originated from the recovery of old papers, and ecological paper, which due to its chemical-free composition can be recycled up to four times. Again, they only use eco-friendly inks to manufacture stationery.

Besides the products, these principles also apply to the packaging, produced with recycled cardboard. By putting creativity at the service of utility, MAKENOTES has developed packaging solutions that, after serving their first design, can be transformed into new and unexpected things, such as a mobile phone holder, a desk calendar or a game of checkers! With these new solutions, MAKENOTES seeks to reduce waste and ensure the reuse of materials.

All MAKENOTES products are designed and produced in Portugal. By investing in local production, the brand is committed to the development of the value chain at the local level and contributes to Portuguese economic development. By concentrating the production process in the northern region, MAKENOTES is once again able to reduce waste and make its entire supply chain more sustainable!
MAKENOTES finds in Design its greatest strategic and differentiating tool. The brand aims to create products that are an extension of the personality of consumers, which is the basis for the diversity of its collections. With design, MAKENOTES intends to approach the public, promoting the customization and the emotional link to the products. Based on this mission, the brand seeks to increasingly involve its public in the process of creating the collections.