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Notebook a6 plain METAMORPHOSIS
11.5 x 15.2 x 1.5 cm
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6,50 €

In this notebook you have all the space you need to give wings to your imagination, just choose where to start! You have 80 sheets to express yourself, the double spiral makes it much easier to write on both sides of the sheets and it has the advantage of being very lightweight so you can easily take it wherever you want.
Metamorphosis is inspired in African nature and patterns. Beautiful little creatures fly over flourishing flora and geometric batik backgrounds. This collection celebrates great flights, nomadic lifestyles and eco-friendly habitats. Colors were born of natural pigments and were baptized with names of african butterflies: Larvae green, Emperor yellow, Admiral orange, Monarch black and Albatross white.

Double spiral
80 sheets and 80 grs
Plain interior

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