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Mini clutch + key ring BOOGIE WOOGIE
22.5 x 16.5 x 1 cm
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19,00 €
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All your essentials fit in this clutch that you can carry wherever you want. Whether it's in your hand or inside your bag, never leave anything behind. You also have a keychain that is  is perfect for not losing your keys or even to make a fashion statement. Hang it on your bag, on your jeans, in your necessaire or wherever your imagination wants.
Boogie Woogie is characterized by improvised melodic and rhythmic variations of little dots dancing with doodle bold flowers. Expressive black line drawings are painted with rich solid colors shining in metallic accessories: poppy red, chalk white, daisy yellow and emerald green. 

With hanging
Synthetic leather 100% eco-friendly
Exterior composition: 86% PVC, 7% polyester, 7% cotton
Interior composition: 100% polypropylene 

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